Relish a combination of systems and processes with our cost-effective warehousing and distribution solutions.

OneClick Logistics is a favorable choice for every business to meet its logistics needs as we provide a personalized solution for different business models. We give your business a competitive edge with our pro-active warehouse solutions, including the receipt and delivery of cargo, unpacking of packaged boxes, cargo in storage control, and instant distribution of the consignment to its desired location. 

As a competent freight forwarding and warehousing company, we take care of all the storage and distribution work to ensure your merchandise get rapid clearance from custom regulations. No matter what your requirement is, our warehousing solutions and innumerable smart value-added services will augment the performance of the supply chain. 

Hence, it is time to join hands together and enjoy the service of storing and delivering temperature-sensitive cargo to notice the difference yourself!

Services Offered:

  1. Warehouses
  2. Distribution
  3. Deliveries
  4. Packing and Repacking
  5. Bhiwandi - Nhavasheva Locations

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